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This account is used for the Left Turn at Westchester RPG. Kitty Pryde (aka Shadowcat) is played by Stefanie.

And Your Heart Is Fierce



Katherine Pryde (Kitty, to her friends) is in her final years of high school and is a wholly independent teenager. At the top of all her classes and with a passion for learning, the world is literally hers for the taking. Her desire to make a difference has led her down the path of the junior X-Men, Gen X, and she's still not sure whether it was the right choice - but it's something she feels needs to be done. It's not her life, and it hasn't consumed her, but it's a big part of who she is. She's many things - smart, dedicated, tenacious, loyal. She genuinely believes in the best in people and goes out of her way to give people as many chances as they need, which isn't always the smart thing to do, but she has a lot of heart.

Oh. And she's going to be President one day. Just you wait and see.

Played by Emmy Rossum

Left Turn at Westchester RPG

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Alexandra Harris: (NPC) Carmen Pryde's partner, Alexandra is a nurse based Chicago. Kitty's met her twice, thinks she's nice enough, and that she makes an excellent apple crumble.

Bobby Drake:
Kitty's oldest, and best, friend at the mansion. Bobby is the person she'll confide in without hesitation, the person she'll break rules for, and cause mischief with.

Carmen Pryde: (NPC) Kitty's father. Despite her parents having been divorced since she was young, Kitty's always remained close with her parents. Her father, a bank manager, always remembers important dates, calls her twice a month at the school (or more frequently if the situation calls for it) and is the bankroll behind Kitty's technological toys. She is his little princess, and she adores him. He's currently involved with Alexandra Harris, whom Kitty has met twice and thinks might actually do her father some good.

Doug Ramsey:

Jubilee Lee: Kitty's long-time friend, roommate, and constant source of amusement. Jubilee is like the Energiser Bunny, constantly on the go, and full of bubbling enthusiasm. A lot of the time, Jubilee scares the crap out of Kitty with all her crazy ideas and adventures, but she loves her to bits and wouldn't have her change. Not even a little bit.

Kurt Wagner: Also, Herr Wagner. Kitty's favourite teacher and mentor.

Lockheed: Kitty's beloved stuffed toy dragon. Purple, shiny, and very huggable, Lockheed was a gift from her father when she was 8 years old, picked up from one of his trips to New York. He sits on her bed at the school, and has lent an ear to many, many stories - from rants to ramblings.

Neena Thurman: While neither of them would consider the other to be a friend, Neena is a constant source of mystery to Kitty. She's smart, strong, and self-reliant, but she's so bitter towards the world, and so insistent on making life a misery. She doesn't understand why Neena feels compelled to be seen as an intimidating force, but she (herself) is not intimidated by Neena, because she can, in some ways, see similar traits in herself.

Ororo Monroe: After Kurt, Ororo is Kitty's favourite teacher. Kitty looks up to Ororo - so beautiful and graceful and smart and strong.

Piotr Rasputin:


St. John Allerdyce: There was a time when Kitty once had something of a crush on St. John, and while she still considers him a friend - part of the original group that included Bobby, Jubilee, St. John, Rogue and herself - she's became a little wary of late about some of his actions and words.

Terri Pryde: (NPC) Kitty's mother, and one of her best friends. For most of her life she lived with her mother, spending alternate weekends with her father, and the two became very close. When Kitty's mutation first manifested, her mother was confronted with an impossible situation and a terrified child, but she handled it with calm and grace, just as she had when her daughter breezed through elementary school, and changed hobbies, sports and after-school activities every two weeks. She talks to Kitty on the phone every week, and tries to make time to visit New York when she can. She works in an elementary school.

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